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AKTAN Pallet co. | Innovation in Petrochemical Metal Box Pallet Industry

How we got started?

Aktan Company was established in 2008 and continued its activities by patenting and registering several products in industrial fields and creating employment in various fields.

The company in 2018 in order to generate employment, production leap and economic prosperity, relying on the technical knowledge of domestic engineers, began its activities on the metal pallet industry and succeeded in producing a metal pallet box for packaging synthetic rubber .This caused Aktan to sign a formal contract with TJPC Petrochemical Complex in 2019 and to provide employment for about one hundred and eighty people.

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Why we do it?

Also, in 2020, this company succeeded in designing and producing metal pallets for packaging petrochemical polymer products, which has led to the employment of another hundred people.One of Aktan's medium-term goals is the continuous export of these products to European countries and petrochemicals in East and Central Asia, which will be achieved in the near future with your efforts, perseverance and support, dear consumers.








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