Light Duty Petrochemical Metal Box Pallet
September 14, 2020

Heavy Duty Petrochemical Metal Box Pallet

Petrochemical Metal Box Pallet Innovation

Petrochemical heavy duty metal pallet box design and structure is similar to light duty metal pallet box, with the difference that in heavy pallet box made of sheet with a standard suitable for the product for longer durability and longevity, more efficient assembly and disassembly design to achieve less depreciation and also the use of very resistant to moisture and corrosion paint has been used for a long time. .

Heavy Duty (synthetic rubber) Box Pallet Features

  • Non-flammable.
  • No need for detoxification or disinfection.
  • High strength and durability.
  • Lifetime (consecutive years).
  • Ease of repair due to being metal.
  • Ability to assemble and disassemble many times after use.
  • Long-term storage due to mildew resistance.
  • Metal value preservation as scrap metal after complete destruction .
  • More environmental health.

Heavy duty pallet box weight

The weight of a heavy metal pallet box for transporting and handling synthetic rubber products is 95 kg ( 35 kg heavier than light duty metal pallet box). Variable size and dimensions explained in Datasheet below.

It is also important to note that the metal nature of this box pallet allows it to be repaired, rebuilt and refurbished to be reused.

Heavy Duty Box Pallet Specification

Weight95 to 105 kilograms
ColorRAL Electrostatic epoxy paint (according to customer's order)
Load Capacity1400 kilograms
Length Internal / External (cm)141 to 151 / 14.5 to 155.5 (according to customer order)
Width Internal / External (cm)107 to 110 / 111.5 to 114.5 (according to customer order)
Height Internal / External (cm)95 to 100 / 107 to 115 (according to customer order)

Durability and longevity of heavy petrochemical metal pallets

AKTAN heavy duty pallets by using the optimal and standard principles in the design and production as well as the use of standard sheets suitable for the product can be used for consecutive years in the petrochemical and synthetic rubber industry without any damage or breakage.

Assembly and disassembly of heavy metal pallet boxes

The heavy metal pallet box has the ability to be easily assembled and disassembled, which makes unloading and loading the product inside the pallet easy and in the shortest possible time, and does not cause any damage to the product inside or to the pallet box itself. (This unique feature makes the pallet box reusable for consecutive years)

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